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Welcome to BitcoinBeachBR

In Jericoacoara Village, despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, we do not have a single ATM. We were forgotten by the banks, but now we have Bitcoin.

We are creating a sustainable Bitcoin economic ecosystem in Jericoacoara Village, with a mission to prove that Bitcoin can have the greatest impact on the lives of those that society often ignores.

Bitcoin Beach Brazil is a movement to ensure that Bitcoin's true potential is realized and that those excluded from the banking system are the main beneficiaries.






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Where to use your Bitcoin in Jericoacoara

From the early days, Bitcoin has promised to allow us to bankroll the unbanked and return the power of governments and financial institutions to the individual. However, until recently, this promise has remained elusive. Now, Bitcoin adoption is up to you.

Meet the people who are participating in the experiment and are able to receive and make payments in Bitcoin in Jericoacoara Village using Lightning Network. Be patient with them, as we are all experimenting with the technology. Try paying in Bitcoin and #ItWillWork.

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Our Team

Community members commited to the social work through Bitcoin adoption

Fernando Motolese
Fernando Motolese
Geovanni Pereira Garcia
Geovanni Pereira Garcia
Artistic Support
Marcelo Silveira
Marcelo Silveira
Tourist Support

How can you Help us?

Our experiment was created by community initiative and needs support so that our goals are achieved and the adoption of Bitcoin and Lightning Network are consolidated in the Jericoacoara Village.

Adopt Bitcoin

Bitcoin Adoption is up to you. Choose your Lightning Network compatible Bitcoin wallet and start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. The best way to contribute to the experiment is to use the services and buy products in the Jericoacoara Village using Bitcoin. If you want, set your Bluwallet to use our local lightning hub

Become an Enthusiast

Come collaborate with Jericoacoara's Local Bitcoin Economy, using fractions of your Bitcoin to buy products or services from local self-employed workers. Shoot and create videos to share on social media by tagging @bitcoinbeachbr with the hashtag #bitcoinbeachbr

Donate BTC to the Experiment

If you are interested in making contributions to the social work we are doing here, donate to our crowdfunding campaign, clicking here

Frequently Asked Questions

The rabbit hole is deep, more questions than answers. Here you will find a direction for your journey towards understanding Bitcoin.

We have prepared a complete guide with all the instructions and methodologies used by us at Bitcoin Beach Brazil so that you can learn how to do it, adopt bitcoin as a form of payment, and if you are not a resident of the village, replicate the experiment in your city.

Access the guide, right here

Bitcoin is a unique form of digital money that allows users to send money over the internet securely, without the need for banks, governments or third parties. This allows anyone with Internet access to participate in the global economy, no matter where they live - anywhere from rural Africa to Venezuela, Antarctica and space!

Bitcoin is also unique in that it is deflationary and has only a finite amount that will ever exist - 21 million. No person, company or government can change this limit. This makes Bitcoin valuable to many people who want to save money.

A Bitcoin has 8 decimal places and its smallest unit is called a Satoshi (1 SAT = 0.00000001 BTC), whose name derived from the legendary entity that is attributed to the creation of Bitcoin: Satoshi Nakamoto.

To enable the mass adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment, the Lightning Network was developed as another layer above Bitcoin, accelerating the rate at which Bitcoin can be sent. Its operation is very similar to Venmo, but using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions on the main network are very secure, but it can take 10 minutes or more to be fully confirmed. In transactions over the Lightning Network (LN) people send Bitcoin back and forth without having to wait for each transaction to be included in a Bitcoin block. In short, LN can be compared to the bank's checking account and the future of daily Bitcoin transactions.

To learn a little more about Lightning Network, read this article.

Don't let other people have access to your smartphone, let alone your seed words and recovery links, as with this information you can move your wallet funds and there's no way to get them back.

Activate wallet biometrics and if you register a password to open the application (which is recommended) and this password is lost, you will not be able to access the funds, having to use the Lighting wallet recovery link or the 12 words from your OnChain Wallet seed to recover the wallet. So be extra concerned with the password, recovery link and seed words.

Don't keep large amounts in your wallet. You can have multiple wallets (remember to save the retrieval links) and also hide wallets that you don't want others to see when making payments or receiving.

We will use all Bitcoin donations to pay expenses for services provided to local people who participate in the work we do.

We will not convert Bitcoin donations into fiat currency.

Bitcoin Beach Brazil in the Press

The Bitcoin Beach Brazil experiment has just taken its first steps and several articles have been published in the global press, making Jericoacoara the center of Bitcoin adoption in Brazil, arousing the interest of many tourists, enthusiasts and companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Check out some news articles that have been published:

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We are starting our work without support, but it is already possible to use Bitcoin in several businesses and contribute with street vendors, street artists and self-employed workers who live in Jericoacoara Village. We are counting on your visit to make the local Bitcoin economy a reality in Brazil.


Special Thanks

The Bitcoin Beach Brazil experiment was made possible thanks to our partners